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Globisol Time and Attendance Solutions

About Globisol - Time and Attendance Solutions

Globisol has been providing man power solutions since 1999 to business’s in every conceivable sector of the market place. That includes everything from clocking to pay slip. Successfully controlling the vast requirements for time and attendance as well as access control, require hardware and software solutions of impeccable quality that has proved themselves over more than a decade. Big corporations (mining industry, warehouses etc.) and small businesses (fuel stations, shops etc.) have all benefitted from our experience and solutions. Our client base include companies such as Engen, Shell, Total, Spar, Samquarz Mining.

Over the last few years we have expanded our services to mobile clocking systems and this technology was extremely well received in the building-, mining- and road construction industry. Biometric clocking is now possible on sites even outside the borders of South Africa. It is possible to successfully control staff over vast distances and have instant access to their working hours. The Viper system can integrate with any South African payroll systems including SAP.

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